The Journées des arts et de la culture dans l'enseignement supérieur (JACES) will be held on 3, 4 and 5 April. National operation organized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation with the support of the Ministry of Culture, which aims to promote public awareness of higher education institutions, as places of life and culture.


Arts and culture at the top for three days


For this fifth edition, the actors of this national event, institutions and students, propose a rich and varied program (concerts, artist residencies, exhibitions, shows, projections, etc.) to allow the general public to discover diversity, the richness and quality of the cultural and artistic offerings of the institutions of higher education, highlighting the cultural and artistic achievements of the students.


As places of meeting and creation, higher education institutions, whether universities, schools or the Regional Centres for University Works (CROUS), are once again offering events representative of the wide range of cultural and artistic activities offered throughout the year to students, often built around topical themes.


Challenge and live-reporter: a 5e digital publishing

This year, two digital devices are being put in place to promote a participatory approach with the public, especially students, and to foster bridges between digital and event venues (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Starting in March, students and staff from higher education institutions will be challenged to produce short videos on the theme of the great classics of cinema. The goal is to give a platform of artistic expression in a playful and offbeat tone.

Then, during the three days of the JACES, student volunteers will participate in the «live-reporter» contest. Their mission? Share their reactions, impressions… on their social networks with the hashtag #JACES2018.

In order to discover and share the diversity of artistic and cultural life of student communities, an important digital presence will be deployed on the social networks of the event: Facebook (journees.arts.culture.enseignement.sup, higher education.research), Twitter (sup_artsculture, sup_recherche) and Instagram (teaching sup.recherche). The various accounts will be animated by reports, a daily live broadcast on Facebook, as well as a series of articles and quizzes from the site «».

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