During school holidays, 50,000 children invest 350 heritage sites

Every year since 2005, the This is my legacy! allows thousands of children and adolescents to discover their local heritage in a creative and playful way through multidisciplinary programmes of activities, organized outside school time. Theatre tours, track games, readings, creative workshops, dance, performances or digital arts thus contribute to an unprecedented appropriation of heritage.

Led by the Ministry of Culture and the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion (ANCT), This is my legacy! will welcome more than 50,000 young people aged 6 to 18, including 70% from sensitive rural and urban areas, registered in social centres, youth and cultural centres, recreation centres or rural homes. By focusing on audiences far from cultural sites, this scheme promotes equal opportunities and access to arts and cultural education for all.

In 2020, This is my legacy! took up the challenge of the health crisis by maintaining more than 200 projects, confirming the constant enthusiasm of cultural and historical institutions to share the heritage with the younger generations.

With more than 350 cultural venues (monuments, museums, cities and countries of art and history, industrial heritage, archives, archaeological sites) , the mobilization is exceptional for this new edition and all metropolitan and ultra-marine regions are concerned.

Many of the programmes are creative. The young participants will be able to create a podcast on the maritime heritage of the city of Brest in collaboration with the Museum of Lighthouses and Beacons, choreograph contemporary dance workshops, code a video game on Fort Saint-André in Villeneuve-Lès-Avignon or even initiate the creation of a comic book, at the Maison de la Bd in Blois.

The development of local heritage extends from the natural heritage, notably in La Guéroulde, with the intervention of a facilitator of the League for the Protection of Birds, to the urban heritage, with the operation «Tot'M ton KaRtier» in Laval, or the Street Mapping operation, which offers a fresh look at Mulhouse’s urban planning. Young people rewrite history through many theatrical workshops (Antiquity revisited at the Amphitheatre of Grand, writing of tales at the Château de Châteaudun, contemporary version of Hansel and Gretel at the Centre national du Costume de Scène de Moulins, medieval theatre at the Château de Vincennes, etc.).

In 2021, This is my heritage! is more than ever a unique opportunity for all these young people to reconnect with their heritage.

More information: www.cestmonpatrimoine.fr