International Archives Day is expanding this year to become International Archives Week from June 3 to 9. Established at the initiative of the International Council of Archives in 2005, this event, in which many French public archives services participate, aims to promote the role of archives and to enhance the work of archivists among the general public.


A theme: «Designing archives in the 21st century»

The 2019 theme, “Designing Archives in the 21st Century,” aims to focus on people by showing that they are at the centre of the archivist’s activities: people in work teams and relationships with those who produce archives, the human in the cultural activities that are organized around the archives, the human finally, and even in the first place, in the documents that speak of individual and collective stories and whose preservation guarantees the rights and memory of citizens, stakeholders, communities. All areas are involved – education, environment, arts, industry, …– whether it’s public or private, paper or digital.


What are the archives of the 21st century?

How are they produced, processed and disseminated? What changes induce new technologies? Archivists make the public discover, in various forms, the arcana of their services: exhibition, workshop with the school, open doors, conference, film screening, "virtual" visit via Facebook, animation in partnership with other institutions, and their active presence on social networks.


In French public archives

  • The Regional Archives of Nouvelle-Aquitaine will present on their sites in Bordeaux, Poitiers and Limoges, an exhibition on the major challenges of the 21st century in terms of archiving: between protection of personal data and transparency, between electronics and paper, between selection and information, how to anticipate the needs of the researcher of tomorrow and how to ensure the sustainability of the data?
  • The Departmental Archives of the Aisne propose to discover their brand new building, with the exhibition Revivre! 1918, the Aisne is being rebuilt».
  • In Aubagne, the Municipal Archives appeal to the inhabitants: Aubagnais, Aubagnais, you are all archivists! Help us reconstruct the history of our city through your archives.” The documents that will be brought will be digitized on site and returned.
  • Annecy organizes a family game during the weekend
  • The Municipal Archives of Dijon bait their audience by announcing: «The secret life of the Archives: what you never dared to ask the archivists». The visit of the Archives will also be an opportunity to exchange with archivists about their profession and the missions they carry out on a daily basis.


An interactive world map allows to locate the services offering an activity to the public. In France, the public archives (National, regional, departmental, municipal archives) as well as the private services participate in the event, which is growing each year.


This week, organized by the International Council of Archives and relayed by the Ministry of Culture (Directorate General of Heritage/ Interministerial Service of the Archives of France), gives real visibility to the archives, to archivists and to understand the social and civic utility of archives.


Franck Riester, Minister of Culture said The International Archives Week is the privileged meeting place for archivists from all over the world; it is an opportunity to make known to the general public the different aspects of a profession fully rooted in current conservation issues digital, access to data, as well as online valuation and sharing of historical and heritage data. The doors will be wide open in many archives. Enjoy! »


Archivists or citizens, take part in International Archives Week and follow events on social media: #IAW2019


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