On 4 June 2019, the members of the selection committee for the call for innovative digital services projects met to select the 15 winners of the 2019 edition from among the 145 applications received.

The call for projects Innovative digital services aims to support technological or user innovations in the cultural sector and enables innovation actors to achieve a “proof of concept” within a cultural operator.

For this edition, the selection committee was composed of representatives of all the directorates of the Ministry of Culture, a representative of the competitiveness pole Cap Digital and 3 qualified personalities: Romain DELASSUS, product manager of Pass Culture, Sophie FOURQUET-MAHEO, innovation and foresight project manager at the Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération (FING), and Corinne LEULIER, co-founder of FLUPA, the French-speaking association of user experience professionals.


Meeting on June 4, 2019, committee members selected 15 projects based on technologies that are not yet widely used in the field of culture or that could help create new digital uses for cultural actors.

Franck RIESTER, Minister of Culture, welcomes “from the growing interest in this support mechanism to the emergence of innovative initiatives that work towards the dissemination of digital practices and cultural democratization while encouraging cooperation between the economic, research and cultural sectors.”



List of projects selected:






with CAP Sciences

Arbalet Frontage project: Ephemeral, itinerant and educational architectural lighting kit

National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)

with the Public Institution of Cultural Cooperation Bibracte

Project Bulliot, Bibracte et moi: Digital participatory transcription of archaeological excavation archives supported by supervised deep learning and semantic web technologies


with ZINC

iMMERSIVE 360 project: Mobile dome for immersive 360° visual experience and stereoscopic image diffusion


with the Public Institution of Cultural Cooperation of the Royal Saline of Arc-et-Senans

3D modeling and graphic rendering tool for architecture engravings in isometric projection

Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT, UMR CNRS 5505)

with the Cinémathèque de Toulouse

RAFIA Project: Automatic Film Restoration by Artificial Intelligence


with Pika Edition

ZoonStudio project: Visual editing solution for the production of digital comics


with the National Center of Musical Creation La Muse in Circuit

MotionKit project: Real-time facial recognition and gesture system for music mediation


with Pianoandco

Music Open Badge Project: Digital badge device to certify through the blockchain informal skills in the field of musical practice in order to stimulate collaborative practices


Mercurio SAS

with the Museum of History of Marseille

RTI Orthophotography Acquisition Device for Large Area Scanning and Production of an Interactive and Educational Presentation Device for Two-Dimensional Readable Renderings


with the Baroque Music Centre of Versailles

Hipzik project: Digital tools for the creation of critical editions of music scores


with the Youth Book Promotion Centre

Eldorado project: Humanoid robot with artificial intelligence to accompany young people in their reading


with the Departmental Media Library of Puy-de-Dôme

Data mining of bibliographic records to extract points of interest and to allow classification and reconciliation to reference thesauri


With the export office, the municipal library of Lyon and Qobuz

Premieres project: Customizable music monitoring tool for programmers


with the National Archives, the National Library of France and the Museum of Brittany

CaptchAN Project: Captcha system whose content is derived from digitized corpus heritage and where the action of the user allows to validate the indexing of the corpus used

Université Paris 8/Laboratoire CHArt EA404/éq. THIM

with Fingers that Dream

Creation of augmented touch books with sensors and connected tissue for blind and visually impaired children