Following the submission of the Independent Commission’s report on relations between the press and law enforcement Chaired by Mr. Jean-Marie Delarue, the Prime Minister instructed the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Culture to jointly undertake the work that will lead to the implementation of his recommendations.

A monitoring committee for this implementation, involving members of the Commission and representatives of the administrations concerned, will be set up on 22 July.

This committee will include personalities chosen by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Culture: Mr. Jean-Baptiste Gourdin, Director General of Media and Cultural Industries at the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Fabrice Casadebaig, Secretary of the Delarue Commission, Mr. Jean-Luc Bardet, AFP’s Director of Information France, Mr. Jérôme Bouvier, President of Journalism and Citizenship and Mr. Lionel Feuerstein, journalist at France Télévisions; Mr. Pierre-Henry Brandet, Director of Communication of the Ministry of the Interior and member of the committee, Mr. Lavaud, Head of the Communication Service of the National Police, Mr. Benevent, Head of the Media Office within the Directorate General of the National Gendarmerie, Ms. Laetitia Vallar,  spokesman for the Prefecture of Police.

The first follow-up committee will have the following agenda:

  • The presentation by the Ministry of the Interior of a modified version of the national scheme for the maintenance of law and order in order to draw the first conclusions of the implementation of the report of the independent commission on the relations between the press and the forces of law and order the decision of the Council of State of 10 June 2021;
  • The presentation by the Ministry of Culture of the working group on the issue of identification of journalists;
  • The presentation by the two ministries of a work plan enabling the establishment, at national and local level, of forums of dialogue allowing the two professions to better know each other and to share their constraints and concerns.

This committee will meet monthly and will provide an update on the implementation of the report in November, six months after it was submitted.