Childcare support for performing artists and technicians (AGEDATI) has been in place since 1er February 2018. This state aid, managed by Audiens, is part of the National Fund for Permanent Employment in the Show (FONPEPS).

The aim of the scheme is to support the return to employment of artists and technicians young parents, helping them to finance the care of their child. It plans to provide this assistance up to 12 months for the child, in the form of a reimbursement of child care expenses, upon presentation of proof.

This financial aid from the State covers up to 50% of childcare costs. It cannot be combined with other child care assistance for the same benefit, with the exception of the child care tax credit. The cumulative annual amount of aid is a maximum of €3,000 and only one aid can be awarded per household, even if both parents are eligible.

Several eligibility criteria must be met to qualify. This is awarded on a means-tested basis: less than €40,000 for a single person, €55,000 for a couple, with an increase of €3,000 per dependent child. Artists and technicians must have received at least one Pôle Emploi compensation under Appendices 8 and 10 during the 24 months preceding the year of the application for assistance and have established an employment contract directly with the person in charge of custody.

Finally, to benefit from this aid, artists or technicians must benefit from a contract of employment in fixed-term or fixed-term contracts within a performing enterprise.

The National Fund for Permanent Employment in Entertainment is the fund created by the State to actively support employment in live and recorded entertainment. Aimed at employers and performing artists and technicians, the fund encourages job creation through nine measures. The aid provided by the Fund directly affects job creation by providing financial support to enterprises and consolidating the employment of employees.

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