Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, welcomes the appointment of Hassane Kassi Kouyaté as director of the festival of Francophonies in Limousin according to the vote of the board of directors chaired by Alain Van der Malière and composed of the State (Ministry of Culture), the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the Haute-Vienne Department and the City of Limoges. He will take up his duties on 1 January 2019.

Born in 1963 in Burkina Faso, Hassane Kassi Kouyaté, a descendant of a griot family, director, actor in theatre and cinema, and trainer, is the founder of the company «Deux temps trois mouvements» at the Galante theatre in Avignon. He is also the founder of the Yeleen International Festival of Tales, Music and Dance and the Djéliya Cultural and Social Centre in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. Since November 1, 2014, he has been director of the National Tropics Atrium of Martinique, where he has worked for the support and professionalization of emerging teams as well as for artistic dissemination as close as possible to the populations of the entire territory of Martinique.

For the Francophonies en Limousin, who occupy a major place in the French-speaking artistic and cultural landscape, it has a project that is demanding and popular and where all its diversity will be expressed. In the footsteps of Monique Blin, Patrick Le Mauff and Marie-Agnès Sevestre, it aims to make the event a major venue for the creation and programming of the French-language performing arts, a place where innovation, relevance, demand and conviviality are mixed. He will accompany young companies, offer shows «young audiences», continue and develop the work with the authors. His project is generous and unifying to the benefit of artists and audiences. He will actively participate in the French-speaking hub of Limoges.

Hassane Kassi Kouyaté succeeds Marie-Agnès Sevestre, who has asserted her retirement rights, and whose leadership since 2006 and her commitment to the Francophonie and Francophone writings the Minister wishes to commend.