As part of the implementation of the Act on Housing, Development and Digital Technologies (ELAN), the Minister of Culture, the Minister for Cities and Housing and the Minister for Ecological and Inclusive Transition reaffirmed the priority of government action to ensure that all citizens live in quality housing. The exercise of social project management is at the heart of these challenges. It must be made easier and strengthened to serve users and to control deadlines and costs. The challenges of architecture, living environment, innovation, but also the role of actors in the act of building and in the conduct of projects are at the heart of these ambitions.  

Architecture makes a major contribution to the quality of life. It also plays a key role in supporting commitments for the ecological and energy transition.

In this context, Elisabeth Borne, Julien Denormandie and Franck Riester announced the launch of a joint reflection on the exercise of social project management and project management. This reflection will aim to identify and value good practices, to guarantee architectural quality, innovation in housing for new construction as well as for rehabilitation. The balance in the relations between all the technical and economic actors of a project will also be at the center of the reflections. It will of course fully integrate the social and environmental dimensions of buildings.

Because of his experience, skills and commitment, the three ministers wanted Pierre-René Lemas, who was Director General of the Caisse des dépôts et consignations, to lead this reflection.

It will rely on a steering group composed of representatives of the Social Union for Housing (USH), the National Council of the Order of Architects (CNOA), qualified personalities and local elected representatives, as well as a committee of stakeholders, which will be installed very soon and will closely associate the territories

Proposals for actions and directions from this reflection will be communicated to the three ministers in spring 2020.