Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, in full agreement with the City of Nantes, the Departmental Council of Loire-Atlantique, the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire and the association Nantes Jazz Action, gives its approval to the appointment of Frédéric Roy to the artistic and cultural direction of SMAC Pannonica, in Nantes on the proposal of the jury meeting on 29 August 2019.

Frédéric Roy proposes Constellation, an ambitious and committed project, highlighting current creation in its diversity, while being sensitive to innovative forms that can mix poetry, dance, circus art, theatre, comics, new technologies. Cultural actions, vector of social bond, promoting discovery and practice, are also at the heart of the Constellation project as are the moments of musical sharing between amateur musicians and professional musicians, including a device of first scenes and improvisations.

Frédéric Roy hopes that the Pannonica will continue to be an open place on his territory as part of the reflection on the creation of a common place for jazz. It aims to strengthen existing partnerships and develop European and international cooperation in order to promote the circulation of artists and the influence of Pannonica.

Frédéric Roy has been a programmer of Plages Magnétiques in Brest since 2014. He was previously in charge of music production at Stereolux in Nantes, in charge of audience development and cultural action at the Grand Mix in Tourcoing and was president of the sociocultural association Les Saltimbanques. He will take up his duties on 1 November 2019 to succeed Cyrille Gohaud.