Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, announces the appointment of Frédéric Maurin as artistic director of the National Jazz Orchestra, on the proposal of its board of directors and its president Roger Fontanel.

A musician and composer, Frédéric Maurin has directed the ensemble Ping Machine since 2004, which is recognized as one of the references of the new European jazz scene. He is also heavily involved in the live entertainment and jazz sector, notably through his duties as president of Grands Formats (a federation of major jazz and improvised music groups) from 2011 to 2017.

Frédéric Maurin proposes for the ONJ a very open project fully corresponding to the new specifications of the orchestra. It will thus make room for contemporary creation with an active policy of commissioning, an openness to the other disciplines of live performance and it will make the role of women in its programming and diversity an important component of its project.

It will develop an ambitious programme for young audiences and will create an NYO youth orchestra in partnership with educational institutions. Within the framework of a balance between dissemination and creation, Frédéric Maurin will propose a strategy of outreach throughout the national territory and abroad and will focus on renewing the image of the ONJ through innovative digital communication.

Frédéric Maurin will succeed Olivier Benoît, whose minister has been saluting the work of the NYO’s artistic director since 2014.