Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, would like to warmly thank Vincent Berjot, Director General of Heritage, who is leaving his post as Director General of Heritage after nearly six years of service.

Called to the Directorate General of Heritage by Aurélie Filippetti in October 2012, Vincent Berjot rigorously followed the process of the law on freedom of creation, architecture and heritage (known as the CASL law), coordinating the work of its services in constant dialogue with the other departments, for the ministers of culture who brought this law. He accompanied the major cultural projects in his direction in support of state operators in the field of heritage: installation of the Archives on the site of Pierrefitte, opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, and also led the necessary reflection on the transformations of the museum of the 21st century.

The Minister welcomes her action in the Directorate-General for Heritage and wished to entrust to Philippe Belaval, State Councillor, former Director-General for Heritage and President of the National Monuments Centre, an evaluation mission of the organization of heritage services set up in 2010 following the general review of public policies (RGPP). The Minister wishes to examine the results of this implementation by assessing the missions, organization and functioning of the Ministry’s central services and their articulation with the external services and operators of the sector.

Jean-Michel Loyer-Hascoët, Head of Department, Deputy to the Director General of Heritage, in charge of heritage, will take over as Director General of Heritage.