The Permanent Representatives Committee (Coreper) today issued a negotiating mandate for the draft directive on copyright. This text contains two major advances: the recognition of a neighbouring right of press publishers and the recognition of a responsibility of digital platforms in terms of remuneration of creators.

On the one hand, the agreement provides for the creation, at European level, of a neighbouring right for press publishers, enabling them to ensure fair and specific remuneration for the online reuse of their productions, including short extracts.

On the other hand, the text strengthens the ability of creators to be compensated by digital platforms that exploit their works. The latter, which have hitherto invoked their status as simple “hosts” of content posted by users for, are now recognized as responsible for copyright. This accountability will ensure a better sharing of value between creators and platforms that benefit from the dissemination of their works.

After 18 months of particularly difficult negotiations, the minister is pleased with this first result, which has been made possible by the intense mobilization of France and its partners.

Françoise Nyssen thanks the Bulgarian Presidency and the European Commission and intends to continue the European fight to defend cultural diversity. The vote in the European Parliament on the revision of the copyright directive, scheduled for June, is a major next step. The Minister will always stand by creators in the face of attempts to multiply exceptions to copyright; she will fight for the directive to give them an effective right to fair remuneration in the digital age.