Françoise Nyssen noted the resignation of the members of the High Committee for National Commemorations.


The recent controversy over Charles Maurras' note in the “Book of National Commemorations” has highlighted the existence of a persistent ambiguity in the public debate between “celebration”, “commemoration”, and “duty to remember”.


The case of Charles Maurras revived this question a few years after the case of Louis-Ferdinand Céline.


It was therefore decided to clarify the status, functioning and publications of the High Committee on National Commemorations.


The Minister informed the members of the High Committee of her desire to end the publishing of the book under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture. The status quo was not acceptable either for the Ministry of Culture, whose mission is to bring together the French, or for members of the committee, historians or recognized experts.


The work of reflection continues, however, on this question, the sensitivity of which has been evident and cannot be neglected.


The Minister asked Danièle Sallenave, President of the High Committee and member of the Académie française, to lead this reflection.