On the occasion of the Printemps de Bourges festival, the first major event of the year for the music industry, Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, announced on April 25 the prefiguration of the National Music Centre.

On the occasion of the «Printemps de Bourges» festival, the first major event of the year for the music industry, Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, announces the prefiguration of the National Music Centre.

After the report she had requested from Roch-Olivier Maistre on this subject was submitted in November 2017, the Minister began consultations with music professionals in France.

These discussions confirmed support for the Common House of Music project, bringing together recorded music and live music, addressing the major challenges ahead: preserving the diversity of creation in the face of a new movement of concentration and globalization, developing the music industry by supporting our production in a context of increased competition and giving ourselves the means to conquer international markets.

This ambition will take the form of a public institution called the National Music Centre, building on the foundation of the National Centre for Song, Variety and Jazz. It will be responsible for four major public service missions: observation of the music industry, information and training of professionals, economic support for actors and international development.

This institution will implement the ministry’s policy in favour of music, without being its exclusive instrument. In particular, performing arts structures and operators whose model relies heavily on public funding will continue to receive direct support from the Ministry.

A task of operational prefiguration of this institution is entrusted to two deputies, particularly invested in cultural matters: Emilie Cariou, deputy of the Meuse, Vice-President of the Finance Committee, and Pascal Bois, Member for Oise and member of the Committee on Cultural Affairs and Education.

This preliminary phase will prepare the legal texts necessary for the creation of the CNM, define its organization and governance and specify its funding based on a precise assessment of the needs of the sector. The mission of prefiguration will work to explore all possible avenues of financing, fiscal and budgetary, public and private, in a logic of accompaniment of the development of the sector.

It will give its conclusions by September.