Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, was present in Venice on 1er and 2 September to represent France and to greet French artists during the 75e edition of the Venice Mostra and the 16e Biennial of Architecture.

A few days before the decisive vote in the European Parliament on the copyright directive Françoise Nyssen has multiplied the exchanges with her European partners to continue the mobilization in favor of a regulation of digital that benefits creation, cultural diversity and media pluralism.

Together with her counterpart, Alberto Bonisoli, Italian Minister of Cultural Goods and Activities, the French Minister stressed the need to make content sharing platforms accountable. Accountability of large online platforms is essential. I mobilize all my partners to find the necessary compromise for a fair balance, that is to say a regulation that sets fair rules allowing to establish cultural diversity, and not giving in to the whole-power of the American giants,” said the minister during the bilateral meeting. 

In addition, at the dinner organised by the European Commission, Françoise Nyssen called, during her introductory speech, for a continuous mobilization of all copyright advocates on the eve of the crucial vote on 12 September. “I would like to take advantage of this moment when we are gathered at the Mostra, by the cinema and for the cinema, to say a word about a fight without which cinema would not be, this fight is copyright.”  

The Minister of Culture wanted to combat the many misconceptions that continue to circulate around this text. Providing fair remuneration for authors is not the end of Internet freedom. This is not to favour large platforms at the expense of small, emerging ones. There is no reason to oppose the digital world, which would be the world of citizens, of gratuitousness and freedom, with that of artists. On the contrary, the freedom of the Internet user is well within the guarantee of access to the most diverse and dynamic intellectual content possible, thanks to the support of creation through its fair remuneration. The vitality of life and artistic creation are the first pillars of a free world,” she said.