The Minister thanked MEPs for taking the historic opportunity to adapt copyright to the new digital environment. This directive includes decisive progress and marks a first step towards greater accountability of platforms. The message from the European Union is clear: all players in the European market must respect our collective preferences, whether it’s copyright or tax rules.

The adoption of the directive is an important victory for European artists, journalists, businesses and citizens. It is also a victory for the European Union because it symbolizes our ability to defend our interests and our values collectively.

By establishing a strong legal framework, Europe is fully and resolutely part of the digital revolution while preserving its cultural sovereignty.

Through this vote, France and its European partners have strongly affirmed their ambition and their project for Europe.

On the eve of a crucial deadline for our continent, the adoption of this text is the sign of a united Europe, a Europe that protects, a Europe that defends its identity and its cultural diversity.