Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, launched Romanica this Monday 18 March at the Ministry of Culture, an innovative game to better understand languages, in the presence of Luca Niculescu, Ambassador of Romania in France.

Affirming the priority of linguistic diversity, plurilingualism and translation in the digital age, Romanica is the first video game produced by the Ministry of Culture and even the first video game produced by a French public administration. Romanica plays with Romanesque languages, through an original approach, that of intercomprehension.

Imagined on the occasion of the France-Romania cross-cultural season, this video game presents a world in which the player’s mission is to revive the diversity of languages by placing the words, more and more numerous at each level, in the right theme and recognizing the language of each word among eight Romance languages, including two regional languages of France, Occitan and Corsica. The OIF enabled the mobilization of experts to develop the scientific content of the game.  

Romanica is completely free, without integrated purchases and consists of 75 levels in 5 worlds where cultural information and badges can be unlocked. Updates to the game will be available on app stores every 2 to 3 weeks, from February to April 2019.

The Minister of Culture also recalled all the support of the Ministry for the video game industry through the financing mechanisms that make it possible to support a sector that is distinguished by its strong industrial dimension (the French market is valued at € 4.3 billion in 2017) and its artistic vitality brought about by the rise of independent play (80% of games in development are new intellectual properties).

«The French Language and La Francophonie Week is a moment of visibility and sharing around linguistic diversity issues: the game Romanica there is therefore a place for it,” declared Franck Riester, Minister of Culture.  

Franck Riester, ministre de la Culture et Luca Niculescu, Ambassadeur de Roumanie en France