In 2019, French cinema once again demonstrated its vitality, its diversity and its ability to change people’s eyes and raise awareness.

He inflamed us with a simple portrait; he recalled the power of speech to make the truth come true; he took a fresh look at autism and its reality; he traced a man’s fight against injustice and anti-Semitism; he has depicted the suburbs without giving in to ease; he has made us nostalgic in the face of the passing of time; and he has shown us the monstrosity of which humanity is capable, and the light which we can, despite everything, find there.

 Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, extends his warm congratulations to all film professionals, artists and technicians, appointed for the 2020 César Ceremony.

 In view of the reactions generated by the announcement of these appointments, Franck Riester recalls that:

  • The Academy of Arts and Techniques of Cinema is a completely independent structure. It is free to choose and operate in its own way. It is therefore not for me to intervene in its nomination procedure, nor to define the eligibility conditions for films, nor the conditions required to be a member of the Academy.
  • I will defend and protect creative freedom with the same determination as I fight every day for all forms of gender and sexual violence. I repeat: talent is not a mitigating factor; genius, not a guarantee of impunity. An artist is a litigant like any other.”