The Ministry of Culture has chosen an artistic committee* for the creation of a work for the new Richelieu site rehabilitated by the Operator of Heritage and Cultural Real Estate Projects (Oppic).

Within the framework of the 1% artistic, this committee has chosen three innovative projects led by the group Gilles Clément, Antoine Quenardel and Mirabelle Croizier, Dove Allouche and Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert.

After several years of work, a first part of the Richelieu site that houses the library of the École nationale des chartes, the library of the Institut national d'histoire de l'art, and the research rooms of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (Departments of Manuscripts, Prints and Photography, Coins, Medals and Antiques, Performing Arts and Music) reopened in 2017. In 2021, the entire site will be open with the BnF museum, the exhibition gallery and the oval room (an iconic hall that will become a free public). At the same time libraries, museum, gallery, renovated palace and research center, the Richelieu site plans to welcome a wide audience and offer a center of excellence dedicated to the history of the arts. With two new entrances located rue de Richelieu and rue Vivienne, it becomes the 26e Parisian passage and the first built in almost a hundred years.

Within this great heritage project, the 1% artistic will anchor contemporary creation at the heart of this site, three artistic interventions establishing a new dialogue between past and present were chosen by each of the three institutions as part of a common reflection: landscape creation for the National Library of France, monumental photographic project for the National Institute of Art History and Glass Sculpture for the National School of Charters.

Franck Riester stressed These three original projects will restore the splendour of this magnificent and solemn site, full of history and knowledge. The 1% artistic allows artists, groups or tendencies to create living works belonging to the public in a place of daily life.”

*The General Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture, Client, Bruno Gaudin, architect and project manager of the operation, the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (Drac) of Ile-de-France, Laurence Engel, President of the BnF, Éric de Chassey, Director General of the INHA, Michelle Bubenicek, Director of the National School of Charters and three qualified personalities: Marianne Lanavère, Director of the International Center of Art and Landscape of Vassivière Island, Caroline Bourgeois, Artistic Advisor of Pinault Collection, and Anna Erhel representing the artists' unions.

Project of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) – Hortus Papyrifera - Landscape creation in the Vivienne garden by the Gilles Clément / Antoine Quenardel and Mirabelle Croizier group

This group creates an inventive and original journey within a dedicated landscape project that makes the link between the past, the present and the future of the garden. Based on the theme of papyriferous species, that is to say making paper, the vegetable palette is distinguished by its diversity and luxuriance. The project involves the restoration of heritage elements of the site that will be staged within the plant composition, as well as polychrome paving in dialogue with the buildings. Visitors will be immersed in a real cocoon of exotic greenery.

Project of the National Institute of Art History (INHA) - The conditions of culture- Monumental photographic project in the library of the INHA - Salle Labrouste by Dove Allouche

Taking its starting point in the collections themselves, Dove Allouche’s project aims to highlight the participation of the living on cultural artifacts. The artist will make 4500 photographs of colonies of microorganisms taken from as many monographs of artists belonging to the collections of the INHA library, cultivate them, photograph them, and gather these photographs in 20 works, which will be freely available in the Jacques Doucet area. These images, linking an artist of the past with his living parasites, will constitute a work at once discreet and paradoxically monumental, bearing witness to the invisible forms of life that are continually developing in the architecture designed by Henri Labrouste and on the books preserved there.

National School of Charters (ENC) project - Gravity ripples #3- A glass sculpture in the circular hall by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

Boldly putting in the spotlight «a know-how that is not transmitted in writing», the choice of the artistic committee wishes to highlight the crafts of art, in echo with the crafts of bookbinders. Set in the circular hall of the School library, with a very high ceiling, the blown glass piece will form a vibratory sequence with the power of visual and timeless evocation.