In 2021, the Ecole du Louvre, a public institution under the tutelage of the Ministry of Culture, will reinvent itself through the implementation of an ambitious programme of work on its site of the Flore wing of the Louvre Palace.

This important architectural project, entrusted to the agency Hart Berteloot Architectes, will concern:

  • The restructuring and extension of the library of Art History, Archaeology and Museology, in order to provide students and teachers with a new place of study adapted to the problems of today and tomorrow;
  • The creation of a research centre to strengthen the scientific research carried out within the institution of higher education by nearly 80 PhD students, and to provide the school with a dedicated structure for the reception of national and international researchers;
  • The redevelopment of documentary and computer services;
  • The renovation of the cafeteria.

Nearly 1,300 square metres will be redesigned to contribute to the development and influence of the École du Louvre, thanks to the exceptional patronage of Majid Boustany, founder and president of the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation. Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, met on June 8 with Claire Barbillon, Director of the École du Louvre, and Majid Boustany, patron of the project.

I am pleased with this future project “Ecole du Louvre 2021” that the sponsorship of Majid Boustany, the largest ever committed to a higher education institution of the Ministry of Culture, has made possible. The evolution of the Ecole du Louvre is an opportunity for its students, researchers and professors, and for this place at the heart of our heritage.” Franck Riester, Minister of Culture.

The Culture higher education network, which brings together 100 institutions and more than 36,000 students across the country, including the École du Louvre, participates in a vital dynamic by training tomorrow’s professionals in the arts and culture.

The Heritage and Cultural Projects Operator (OPPIC) will be in charge of the project management. The work will take place over the summer of 2021.