It is the result of a long and passionate work, which mobilized for several months the various actors of the State (the prefigurer, the ministerial services, the Center of national monuments)parliamentarians, local authorities and all stakeholders involved in the region’s attractiveness, particularly through its tourism development.

The EPIC du Mont-Saint-Michel is a unique project, which aims to involve local authorities and the State in the economic and tourist development of this exceptional site. 

In complete synergy with the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, managed by the Center of National Monuments, this new establishment will ensure a unified management of the site, whether it is the operation of hydraulic equipment necessary to restore the maritime character, the reception of the public in the Abbey, or that of shuttles and car parks.

The establishment will be endowed with a balanced governance associating the State and the local authorities: its board of directors will include as many representatives of the State as representatives of the local authorities, both Norman and Breton. The Government hopes that it will be chaired by a local elected official. In addition, a general director of EPIC will be appointed soon.

Alongside the local authorities, the State will take its full share in the financing of the new establishment, by tripling the contribution that was previously its own within the framework of the joint union to which the new EPIC is intended to replace. To this commitment within the EPIC will be added the continuation by the National Monuments Centre of its action of conservation, restoration and enhancement of the Abbey and its ramparts: it will devote over three years 7 M€ to the restoration of the Wonder, including €5 million at the end of 2019. Finally, the Ministry of Culture will maintain its efforts in favour of the maintenance and restoration of the historical monuments of the bordering territory.

The success of this exceptional project now depends on everyone: the Government, determined to commit itself in the long term to the service of a site known worldwide and that speaks to the heart of all French, as well as territorial actors for whom the new establishment represents a new development lever for the territory.