The President of the Republic announced the launch of a national and international subscription to rebuild the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, following the terrible fire that ravaged the monument Monday, April 15, 2019.

In order to facilitate the raising of funds for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris, the Government has set up a common portal which brings together four institutions and foundations of public utility entitled to collect donations:


Their aim is to collect as widely as possible French and international donations that are being mobilized.
In addition, a dedicated cell is set up at the Ministry of Culture to facilitate the collection and processing of the highest donations.

The Council of Ministers of 17 April will be entirely devoted to the reconstruction plan of Notre Dame de Paris.
We are these people of builders. We have so much to rebuild. So yes, we will rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral, even more beautiful, and I hope that it will be completed within 5 years, we can. And here too we will mobilize. » declared the President of the Republic.