Guaranteeing the sending of large files in a simple and secure way, between government officials or with external contacts, is the promise of France transfer launched today for all ministries. The State thus enriches the suite of the Public Official’s Digital Backpack (SNAP) allowing its agents to access powerful digital tools, secure, accessible remotely and responding to new collaborative professional uses. Designed and operated by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Interministerial Digital Department (DINUM), France Transfert is now made available to all state officials by the Ministry of Transformation and Public Service.

Offered to State agents, users, partners or external service providers (from the public, private or associative sectors), France Transfert is accessible online for file exchanges with State agents. This interdepartmental service offers the possibility to share non-sensitive and large files with a maximum of 100 recipients, without the need to connect to an account, guaranteeing a simple and fast sending. Other features include customizing the duration of activation of the fold link or the ability to recover files via a link or email. The solution is hosted on a French cloud offering benefiting from ANSSI’s “SecNumCloud” qualification, offered as part of the Central Government Cloud strategy.

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Since its launch in beta in 2021, a large number of users have shared their feedback to improve this solution, achieve its approval in accordance with the general security reference system (RGS) and launch its interdepartmental deployment today. Among the main developments made since the experiment are the possibility to add or delete recipients during the validity period of the sending or the security of sending the file by a password. Further developments are underway to improve this solution.

The first work on France Transfert was initiated in July 2020 as a result of the need for the regional cultural affairs departments to communicate more easily and securely with their external contacts for the sharing of voluminous documents such as architectural plans or documents.

The Digital Branch of the Ministry of Culture has therefore begun work with the aim of creating a service that meets this need and the security issues of the State, with the aim of deploying it in interdepartmental with the interdepartmental Digital Branch (DINUM).

Winner of France Relance as part of the window “Develop communication and collaboration tools for agents” The project, operated by DINUM, received financial support amounting to more than 70% of the total cost of the project, including the creation of educational content and its deployment to State agents.

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