Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, in full agreement with Jean-Paul Bret, Mayor of Villeurbanne, Myriam Picot, Vice-President for Culture of the Métropole de Lyon and Florence Verney-Carron, Vice-President for Culture of the Auvergne Region-Rhône-Alpes, has decided to extend until 17 February the period during which artists can submit their candidacy to the management of the National Popular Theatre, Centre Dramatique National de Villeurbanne.

The TNP, Centre Dramatique National de Villeurbanne, is today one of the spearheads of French theatre policy. It bears the living legacy of dramatic decentralization, and has welcomed the work of figures as major as Jean Vilar or Roger Planchon.

On the eve of the centenary of its creation, and as Christian Schiaretti completes his mandate, the public authorities have launched a call for applications for the renewal of its leadership.

In view of the very small number of female applications received, the State and local authorities are not in a position to propose a balanced pre-selection in terms of parity.

Convinced that this imbalance does not reflect today’s creation in the diversity of its talents, and that such recruitment must necessarily include the examination of female as well as male candidates, They have chosen to extend the period for sending nomination papers until 17 February, in order to promote a greater representativeness of the applications received.