As announced on September 20, the Government has decided to create financial assistance for freelance journalists who have suffered a decrease in activity due to the health crisis, endowed with €29.5 million over 2 years.

The professional organizations that have played a key role in determining the parameters of this exceptional assistance, the amount of which will be adapted to the situation of each freelance journalist and the number of applications that will be received, should be commended.

From 30 September 2021 until 30 October 2021, freelance journalists who have suffered a revenue drop between 2020 and 2019 may apply for financial support, subject to fulfilling the eligibility conditions provided for by the decree of 10 September 2021 providing exceptional assistance to freelance journalists who have experienced a decrease in activity due to the Covid-19 crisis ».

Applicants will be informed in November 2021 of the amount of assistance that will be allocated to them and paid in 2021.

The filing will be done on an online platform, available at this address

A helpline (+33 2 97 87 25 52) was also set up.