The Ministry of Culture is organising the 39th edition of the European Heritage Days on Saturday 17 September and Sunday 18 September on the theme of "sustainable heritage".

On this occasion, many activities are offered in the national domain of the Palais-Royal.

Tour itinerary (reservation required)

The Ministry of Culture, the Council of State and the Constitutional Council open their doors wide for a guided tour under the guidance of guide-speakers and agents of the various institutions. 

For the first time this year, the Ministry of Culture will present on its walls a selection of works from the exhibition «Les Aliénés», in partnership with the Mobilier national. These furniture, intended for auction, were revisited by young designers. This experiment is part of an innovative, ecological approach and enhancement of the collections of the Mobilier national.

Visit upon prior registration (registration opens on Wednesday 7 September at 10:00 am):

Animations in the Gardens

On the occasion of these days, multiple events will also be organized in the gardens of the national domain of the Palais-Royal.

Two workshops of know-how demonstrations will be offered to all visitors, young and old:

  • The dry stone constructions, made by the association Pierre de Beauchamps, to raise public awareness of the techniques used for a sustainable restoration of buildings;
  • The know-how and traditional techniques of laying coatings (lime, hemp, stucco, brush) and torchis, made by the association Maisons Paysannes de France. The National Monuments Centre will present a 3D virtual re-enactment of the Palais-Royal theatre in the 17th century at the time of Molière and Lully.

It will be projected under the peristyle of the Montpensier gallery. Activities dedicated more specifically to young people, including the workshop «Napoleon’s hat» as well as guided tours «Molière au Palais-Royal» and «Dentelle et volupté, histoire de la prostitution au Palais-Royal» will also be organized (registration by reservation:

Finally, visitors will discover the secrets of the national domain of the Palais-Royal by participating in an interactive track game in the gardens by downloading the Explorama platform.

Information and reservations available:


Partners of the European Heritage Days, organised by the Ministry of Culture

The European Heritage Days are organised by the Ministry of Culture. Placed under the patronage of the Council of Europe and the European Commission, they receive assistance from public and private owners of heritage buildings. They benefit from the involvement of the National Monuments Centre, the network of Cities and Countries of Art and History, the network of Architectural, Urban and Environmental Councils, the Heritage Foundation and the heritage conservation associations present since the very first edition: the Old French Houses and the Historic House.

They are supported by Lidl, the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles and the Renault Corporate Foundation. This year again, they benefit from a wide media coverage thanks to the support of France Télévisions, Arte, Gulli, Radio France, Histoire TV, France Médias Monde, Toute l'Histoire, Phenix Channels, 20 minutes, Insert, the RATP, the SNCF, the City of Paris and the Agence pour le Développement Régional du Cinéma; as well as digital with Explorama, Loc'Hall, Mus'Explora, Studio Sherlock. For the 5th consecutive year, the European Heritage Days are also associated with the Heritage Mission and the French Games.