On the proposal of Franck Riester, Minister of Culture and after examination by the Council of Ministers on 24 July 2019, the President of the Republic appointed Eric Ruf for a new term as General Manager of the Comédie-Française.

Since his appointment in 2014, Eric Ruf has carried out an artistic project of opening the Comédie-Française, giving priority to the contemporary trends of the theatre, inviting major directors, French or foreign, while continuing to place the troupe at the centre of the theatre, both in Richelieu and at the Théâtre du Vieux Colombier or the Studio-Théâtre.

He contributed to the evolution of the repertoire of the Comédie-Française by directing writings to authors whose language today has been carried by the troupe. He gave a big place to young artists with the programming of new talents. This mandate has also made it possible to continue dialogue with other forms related to theatre such as puppetry, magic and cabaret.

Eric Ruf has promoted a better distribution of the Comédie-Française shows outside Paris, both by touring and by capturing and showing in cinemas the shows of the Salle Richelieu, a resource available for arts and cultural education activities.

Franck Riester salutes Eric Ruf’s undeniable talent in bringing the prestigious tradition of the Comédie Française to life. He has my full confidence to carry out the renovation of the Richelieu Hall and the continuation of the Cité du théâtre project.”