A campaign promise from the President of the Republic, the Culture Pass continues its implementation, with the launch of a large-scale experimentation phase in the five pilot departments (Bas-Rhin, Finistère, Guyane, Hérault, Seine-Saint-Denis). Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, wants to make it an essential tool to access culture and promote cultural diversity.

Thought as resolutely open and shared, in its purpose but also in its design, the application pass Culture, open to young people from 18 years, results from a process of co-construction conducted continuously with the general public, cultural actors and local authorities.

A new structuring and essential phase, for the development of the Culture pass, opens today: 10,000 18-year-olds spread over the five territories (16% of the population of this age group) are invited to participate in a full-scale experiment that will improve the first version of the application.

The objective is to analyse the behaviour of the young testers and their use of the application to confirm the chosen orientations. The presentation and editorialization of offers in the application will also be analysed. A first assessment of the experiment will be carried out in April 2019.

Young people aged 18 living in one of the five pilot departments (Bas-Rhin, Finistère, Guyane, Hérault, Seine-Saint-Denis) can therefore fill out an online form on the website pass.culture.fr, in order to apply for experimentation. A random draw will be held in mid-October to select 10,000 young people who meet representativeness criteria (level of diploma, activity, home location, etc.).

To reconstitute the actual conditions of use, the participants selected for the experiment will be granted an envelope of 500 euros, available via the application, to access all the activities and cultural goods referenced on the Culture pass. They will have until mid-November 2018 to download the application and activate their €500 credit by participating in dedicated events in the five territories. 

It will thus be possible for them, thanks to this envelope, to learn about a musical instrument, to register for a drawing course, to go to a show, to a concert, to the cinema, to buy cultural goods such as books or DVDs, or access to digital content. This envelope can be entirely devoted to cultural outings or artistic practice courses. It will be possible to buy up to 100 euros of cultural goods and subscribe up to 200 euros of online cultural services.

The period that opens also concerns the cultural and artistic actors, who have the possibility to create their Culture pro pass account on the website pass.culture.fr to propose activities and cultural goods.