Yesterday, the Minister of Culture welcomed film professionals and all broadcasters for the signing of a new interprofessional agreement, known as the “media timeline” agreement, governing the order of the release of films on the various channels of exploitation (cinema, DVD, fee-for-service video, pay-per-view television, pay-per-subscription video, etc.).

The integration of platforms in the funding model of French creation, thanks to the decree relating to audiovisual media services on demand (SMAD decree) of 22 June 2021, required a redesign of the previous media chronology agreement (2018), which predates the obligations now imposed on subscription platforms.

The new agreement, negotiated with the mediation of the public authorities, pursues the triple objective of guaranteeing the widest access to works for the spectators, the investment of the actors of the diffusion in the production, and the development of film creation in all its diversity.

It achieves the feat of allowing both the preservation and enhancement of the cinema’s “window”, a global shortening of deadlines (the timeline, which was spread out over a total of 44 months, is tightened to 36 months in the current agreement) and a substantial advance in the “window” of pay-TV (8-6 months) and pay-per-subscription platforms (36-17 or 15 months), without destabilizing historical broadcasters (pay-TV and free TV), which remain the main funders of French cinema.

The signing of this agreement thus completes the transposition of the directive "Audiovisual Media Services" (SMA), after the regulatory component of this transposition was completed on 31 December last with the publication of 5 decrees supplementing the SMAD decree of 22 June 2021. Thus the commitment made by the President of the Republic to the world of culture and to all French people, on May 6, 2020, to have the platforms contribute to the financing of French and European works, is held, with a level of ambition that has no equivalent in the rest of the European Union. Thus, as leader in the adoption of the SMA directive, France has remained so in its transposition.

The Minister of Culture would like to commend the commitment of all stakeholders to the discussions that have been strongly mobilized over the last few months and their remarkable spirit of collective responsibility that has made it possible to bring a difficult but essential.