Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, has been mobilized since the beginning of the health crisis to help the culture sector cope with a situation of unprecedented magnitude, and presents the measures taken to help artists-authors whose economic situation has been directly impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak and by measures taken to limit its spread.

The Minister of Culture first made a commitment to ensure that artists-authors benefit from many of the transversal emergency measures announced by the Government. He also called for sectoral measures to be taken, as a subsidiary and complementary measure, to ensure that all situations of artists-authors, by their nature heterogeneous, find an appropriate response to the realities of their sector.

Franck Riester said:

The health crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic has directly affected artist-authors in their daily creative activity. For the world of culture, this crisis began in mid-March 2020 with the prohibition of gatherings, the closure of schools and the sudden interruption of ancillary income that artists-The authors perceived this in the context of arts and cultural education activities.

To respond to the serious economic difficulties that artists-authors are already experiencing, all means and mechanisms will be mobilized. I will ensure that all situations, no matter how diverse, find a solution as close as possible to the needs of the field and the sectors. ».

In parallel with these first emergency measures, the Minister of Culture has begun a reflection on the measures likely to encourage the revival of the creative and cultural activity of the country in the best conditions as soon as the period of health emergency has ended.

The Ministry of Culture will continue its exchanges with local authorities, collective management organizations (OGC) and all other actors supporting artists-authors to ensure a good coordination of support mechanisms and thus best support artists-authors.

1. Mobilization in favour of the artists-authors of the accompanying measures put in place by the Government in the context of the state of health emergency

The health crisis has hit a fragile sector, already in the grip of major difficulties that led to the announcement of an ambitious action plan by the Minister on February 18, 2020 following the delivery of Bruno Racine’s report.

The Minister of Culture is committed to ensuring that artists-authors can benefit from the measures adopted in the context of the orders submitted to the Council of Ministers on 25 March 2020 and 27 March 2020:

- Benefit from the solidarity fund of EUR 1 billion: natural and legal persons carrying out an economic activity which meet the eligibility criteria, in particular artistswill be eligible for aid of up to €1,500 from the solidarity fund for companies particularly affected by the economic, financial and social consequences of the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic.19 and measures taken to limit this spread.

- Deferral or staggering of rents, water, gas and electricity bills: these same persons may defer or stagger the payment of rents, water, gas and electricity bills relating to their business and commercial premises. For others, in the event of non-payment of these invoices, they will not be able to apply penalties, suspend or interrupt their supplies.

- Tax and social debts: artists-authors may ask to postpone their social and/or fiscal deadlines.

- Benefit in kind from sickness insurance: cash benefits from sickness insurance schemesillness for individuals who are subject to a measure of isolation or home support and for parents of children subject to such a measure, will be open to artist-authors as part of the management of the Covid-19 epidemic.

- Mobilisation of the State guarantee for the benefit of the cultural sector: to ensure continuity of payment for the authors of works represented before the effectiveness of the first measures to combat Covid-1919, undertakings which are debtors of rights with the GGCs and which will be required to take out a cash loan to pay these sums, may apply for the State guarantee.

In addition, the Minister of Culture invites, as part of professional solidarity, all the actors to honour as much as possible the commitments and contracts in progress so that the artists-authors do not see their remuneration «frozen» due to business interruption.

2. Implementation of sectoral, complementary and subsidiary measures to ensure that all artists-authors find an appropriate response to their situation

In accordance with the announcements made on March 18, 2020, the Minister of Culture asked its sector operators (CNC, CNL, CNM, CNAP) to mobilize to respond to the specific difficulties encountered by artists-authors.

Each sector operator has therefore initiated a consultation with the representatives of the artists-authors concerned so that the first budget envelopes released to address the health crisis can quickly benefit artists-authors according to conditions and modalities previously discussed. Each of these operators will shortly present the measures envisaged. In addition, a large part of the aid paid by the sectoral operators of the Ministry of Culture (CNC, CNL, CNM, CNAP) under the emergency measures will be conditional on the payment of the rights due to the artists-authors.

In addition, in order to facilitate the introduction of social assistance by collective management bodies (OGC), the Government will broaden the scope of use of the share of the sums collected in the context of private copying devoted to the financing of cultural action as well as irrepartible sums resulting from compulsory collective management, so that they can also be devoted to the economic support of artists-authors affected by the Covid-19 epidemic and the measures taken to limit its spread.