The Ministry of Culture wishes to reaffirm the importance of archaeological excavations and planned archaeology, all operations planned in 2022 will be funded. 

The decrease in the allocation notified at the beginning of the year to the Regional Cultural Affairs Directorates (DRAC) is linked to the need to finance the Conservation and Study Centre in Besançon. This will allow the conservation and study by researchers of movable archaeological property from excavations of the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region.  But as in previous years, the budget lines dedicated to programmed archaeology will be added during the year to ensure the financing of the operations identified by the drac. 

A multi-year plan to create new conservation and study centres is also being developed.

Programmed archaeology is part of research programs led by professionals and volunteers whose work advances knowledge of our past. The commitment of the scientific community, in all its diversity, can only be welcomed.