Rima Abdul Malak, Minister of Culture, has decided to award the label of Pôle national du cirque (PNC) to the Plongeoir - Cité du cirque du Mans. The Diving board becomes the 14the A national hub of the circus and consolidates this network present throughout the country, in a region that did not previously have one.

The award of this label is the culmination of the fruitful work of cooperation between the State and local authorities to create a national reference structure, dedicated to the creation and dissemination of contemporary circus. This new pole would not have been created without the commitment of the mayor of Le Mans, Stéphane Le Foll, but also the president of the Departmental Council of the Sarthe, Dominique Le Mèner and the president of the regional council of the Pays de la Loire, Christelle Morançais, to equip Le Plongeoir with high quality work tools.

Located in the Sablons-Bords de l'Huisne district, Le Plongeoir features indeed of a permanent capital new generation 425-seat gauge, inaugurated last November. The is also home to an amateur practice school, which annually reaches more than 4,000 people.

The certification of the Diving Board also recognizes the importance of the work carried out by the entire team and its director Richard Fournier: in the accompaniment of artists in their research and creation journey, by raising the awareness of the widest audiences, all these energies have gradually built and structured this equipment.

By joining the network of the National Circus Poles, Le Plongeoir will be able to strengthen the receptions in residence of artistic teams and its production policy, and thus participate in the renewal of aesthetics and artistic forms of an abundant discipline. With a showcase of nationally and internationally renowned shows, Le Plongeoir will continue to make all audiences discover and love this popular and unifying art.