As part of the commemorations of the centenary of the Great War, Edouard Philippe, Prime Minister, went to Lozère (Occitanie Region) to honour the memory of the last hairy fallen at the front. On this occasion, he was presented with the platform of the Great Memorial in the presence of Franck Riester, Minister of Culture.

In 2014, the President of the Republic wanted all French people to be able to trace, through their matrix cards, the path of the 9 million soldiers who fought to defend our territory. Major event of the commemoration, the Great Memorial is both a tribute to all these fighters and a tool for cultural, scientific and educational research.

The Great Memorial gives access to the numbers of soldiers, which contain their marital status, the list of their assignments and their service record. Nearly 9 million records representing 17 million images have been digitized and indexed by the Departmental Archives, the Overseas National Archives and the Centre des Archives diplomatique de Nantes. All departments are now present on the Great Memorial.

The platform also provides access to the Morts file for France (1.3 million records) and refers to the database Memory of men of the Ministry of Armed Forces, and represents the fruit of exemplary cooperation between the State and local authorities. A major tool for genealogical research, it is also a new source for historical research on the First World War and its economic and social implications.

Exceptional memorial document, the Great Memorial is above all a tribute of the Nation to the Poilus.

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