On the proposal of Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, the President of the Republic appointed Catherine Tsekenis Director General of the National Dance Centre (CND). She will take up her duties on 1er July 2019 for a 3-year term.

The CND is a public institution under the supervision of the State, created in 1998 to streamline and clarify public action in the choreographic field. The mission of the institution is to implement activities dedicated to the development of culture and choreographic art and to accompany the transformations of this artistic sector. In this capacity, it promotes the growth of the creation and dissemination of choreographic works through a national and international partnership strategy, and places at the centre of its action the development of audiences and amateur practices. He takes part in the development of research in the choreographic sector and contributes to the conservation and enhancement of its heritage. Finally, it provides the training of professional dancers as dance teachers, participates in the continuing professional training of teachers and artists, and facilitates their professional integration.

The Ministry of Culture aims to support the impetus of new methods of production and accompaniment of artistic teams but also of association in the framework of residencies. Catherine Tsekenis' project stands at the crossroads of this policy and the priority missions of the CND. Fully within this framework and in the continuity of her predecessors, Catherine Tsekenis wishes to make a new course for this singular establishment, both in terms of its positioning, its dimension, that of its impact in the choreographic sector in all its diversity, strengthening its position as network leader.

On the one hand, she wants to continue and animate the “resource centre” function of the CND, and consolidate her role in monitoring and anticipating developments specific to the choreographic field. On the other hand, it intends to place the development of choreographic culture at the centre of the institution’s concerns, notably by working on a new strategy for the dance film library and by deploying the rich and unique collections of the media library, strengthening arts and cultural education, not to mention amateur practice.

Dancer in the 1980s, then director of a choreographic company in the 1990s, she then had two experiences in the Ministry of Culture (inspector, then dance advisor). Since 2007, she has been Director of Cultural and Solidarity Action at the Hermès Corporate Foundation, developing its corporate philanthropy policy and supporting the creation through this Foundation.

Catherine Tsekenis will succeed Mathilde Monnier, Executive Director of the CND since December 26, 2013.

The Minister of Culture would like to commend the work of Mathilde Monnier and her entire team, their commitment to this institution, and the new dynamic.

In particular, it was the remarkable initiative of Camping, an international choreographic platform offering workshops, shows, exhibitions and conferences for all audiences every year, bringing together more than 400 professional dancers and 300 students from 30 French and international art schools. It also initiated Constellation for 500 students from kindergarten to high school, Seine-Saint-Denis and Paris, aimed at questioning the relationship to the body and otherness through choreographic practice, cultural outings and multiple encounters.

All the projects undertaken under his direction have enabled the CND to become a place of circulation, exchange and artistic effervescence, serving professionals and all audiences.