Created in 2015 following the Assises de la jeune création, CulturePro aims to support students and young graduates of higher education Culture in their professional integration and is aimed at the 99 schools of higher education Culture in the fields of architecture, heritage, plastic arts, performing arts, film and audiovisual.

Projects will be selected for one or more of the following priorities:

  • Highlighting the achievements or work of graduates;
  • The setting in professional situation or seminars opening to the professional world;
  • Activities, meetings, contributions allowing students and young graduates to become familiar with the professional environment, to develop their networks;
  • The implementation of an approach favouring the creation of a business or training in entrepreneurship;
  • Setting up a workshop, incubator, nursery or hybrid project.

A budget of €2.2 million is allocated this year to the scheme. From 650,000 euros to 1.5 million euros in 2021 in response to the consequences of the health crisis on the professional integration of young graduates, the budget for this operation is therefore subscribed, for 2022, to the amount of 700,000 euros additional.

Since 2015, 178 projects have been selected for a total budget of €4,318,400.

The call for expressions of interest is open until 15 April 2022 on the call for proposals portal:

The projects will be co-investigated by the decentralized departments (regional cultural affairs departments and overseas cultural affairs departments) and central departments of the Ministry of Culture. Particular attention will be paid to projects aimed at developing professional networks, in conjunction with local and regional authorities, and to projects which provide for an impact study.

Results will be shared in June 2022.