Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, has decided to appoint Brigitte Lallier-Maisonneuve as director of Athénor, a nomadic stage for broadcasting and creation in Saint-Nazaire, which will soon be named the Centre national de création musicale (CNCM).

A new National Centre for Musical Creation, the eighth, will be labelled in Saint-Nazaire to recognize the Théâtre Athénor’s exemplary commitment to musical creation for young audiences. Athénor also has an ambitious project of arts and cultural education and the fight against geographical disparities, with its «nomadic» actions in the territory. This labelling will take place in accordance with the provisions of the law of 7 July 2016 on the freedom of creation, architecture and heritage.

Following the appointment in March of the duo Sebastian Rivas and Anouck Avisse to the direction of Grame, Centre national de création musicale, Brigitte Lallier-Maisonneuve, director of Athénor who has been carrying this project since 1985, is appointed to head a CNCM, contributing to the objective of improving the representation of women in positions of responsibility in the cultural sector.

CNCM works to renew musical forms and languages. They support the writing and design of new works. They are also pursuing research, with the aim of experimenting and developing new tools and approaches to musical creation. To date, seven structures have benefited from the label Centre national de création musicale: Césaré in Reims, CIRM in Nice, GMEA in Albi, Gmem in Marseille, Grame in Lyon, Muse en Circuit in Alfortville and Voce in Pigna.