Sylvie Hubac, President of the Meeting of National Museums and the Grand Palais since January 2016, was appointed this morning in the Council of Ministers, President of the Section of the Interior of the Council of State, as of July 5.

The Minister of Culture, Françoise Nyssen, salutes her action at the head of the great public cultural institution that constitutes the Rmn – Grand Palais. Sylvie Hubac will have contributed to work to share the art to the greatest number of people, notably through the exhibitions of the Galeries nationales du Grand Palais which welcomed 1.4 million visitors in 2017, developed new proposals in the field of arts and cultural education such as art history courses and educational briefcases for children, boosted the network of 38 bookshops museums shops operated by the Rmn – Grand Palais. 

She will have endeavoured to invite new audiences to discover the Grand Palais for free through initiatives such as the exhibition Sites eternels in December 2016, the Grand Bal in July 2017 or upcoming events such as La nef est à vous, or the Art#Connexion event dedicated to digital cultural experiences.

His presidency was also marked by the definitive validation of the principle and scope of the work of the Grand Palais, a major heritage and cultural project in the coming years, which will begin in early 2021. A new dialogue with the major public museums was initiated in order to associate them in a full and complete way with the influence of the Grand Palais after its renovation. Sylvie Hubac has finally worked actively for the establishment in the heart of Paris of a «Grand Palais hors les murs», intended to host major art events, fashion and sports usually organized in the Nave, the realization of which is indispensable to keep in Paris its place of world capital of art and culture during the closing of the monument.

On this occasion, the Minister of Culture reaffirms her confidence in the ability of the Rmn – Grand Palais to remain a major and innovative player in the promotion of national heritage collections and to project itself through new forms of mutualisation in the Grand Palace of the XXIe century.