The Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, has appointed the members of the Professional Council of the National Music Centre, thus completing the governance of the establishment installed on 1er last January. This consultation and reflection body may meet in September to inform the work of the institution and the decisions of its board of directors.

The preliminary report of the National Music Centre, submitted to the Prime Minister in November 2018 by MEPs Emilie Cariou and Pascal Bois, recommended that a body bringing together the organisations directly involved in its activities should be involved in the governance of the institution. This proposal was taken up and completed during the parliamentary proceedings that presided over the vote on the law of 30 October 2019 establishing the CNM, which provides that “Deputy to the Board of Directors a professional council, a body composed of representatives of organizations directly concerned by the activities of the National Music Centre”. The latter is subject to the same rule of equal representation between women and men as the board of directors.

According to the NJC, the Professional Council must have, in addition to the President of the institution, and three observer members representing the State, between 35 and 40 members appointed for a period of three years.

In order to involve the greatest number of representatives of the music sector in the work of the Centre, the Minister has chosen to designate the maximum number of authorized members (40), distributed among the eight colleges listed in the statutory decree of the institution:

  • Writing, composition and interpretation college;
  • Music Publishing College
  • Phonographic Production College;
  • college “organizations involved in the field of musical and variety performing arts”;
  • Music Broadcast College;
  • college “online music services”
  • college 'collective management bodies of copyright and neighbouring rights of music and

of varieties”;

  • college «local authorities».

The members of this body, which is eagerly awaited by the sector, will be able to issue advisory opinions on the draft decisions of the school’s board of directors, in particular concerning the commissions and aid programmes, contracts or agreements with local authorities or the NJC study programme. As a consultative body, the professional council may also organize working groups or make recommendations to the board of directors on matters concerning the development of the sector or the activity of the institution.

The National Music Centre, a public institution created by the law of 30 October 2019 and placed under the tutelage of the Ministry of Culture, aims to respond to the challenges and issues of the music sector. His action was decisive to face the health crisis, with the actors affected by the live musical and recorded music. To ensure the protection of businesses, a supplementary budget of €50 million was allocated to it by the amending finance law of 30 July 2020. It must continue its support and contribute to the resilience of a sector that is permanently weakened and called upon to recover as part of a recovery plan that will be announced shortly.

Find on this link the Order of Appointment of the NJC Professional Council.