Rima Abdul Malak, Minister of Culture, in full agreement with Jean-Marc Verchère, Mayor of Angers and Christelle Morançais, President of the Pays-de-la-Loire Region, approved the proposal of the jury to appoint Marcial Di Fonzo Bo to the management of the Quay, Centre dramatique national d'Angers.

Born in 1968 in Argentina, Marcial Di Fonzo Bo was trained at the School of the National Theatre of Brittany before participating in the creation of the Théâtre des Lucioles, a collective in which he directed many plays, focusing on contemporary authors such as Leslie Kaplan, Rodrigo García, Lars Norén, or Philippe Minyana. Appointed director of the Comédie de Caen, Centre dramatique national de Normandie in 2015, he led a remarkable project for its openness to aesthetics and various forms and its international development.

Marcial Di Fonzo Bo wishes to make the Quai a vibrant house of artists, accessible to all and in touch with the issues and questions of our time. It intends to strengthen the partnership with the National Centre for Contemporary Dance in Angers, in order to establish the Quai as an international centre for contemporary creation and a centre for the transmission of the performing arts. He also wants to work with other local structures, such as the Premiers Plans festival in the field of cinema, or Angers Nantes Opéra to host again lyrical shows. Tiphaine Raffier, Gurshad Shaheman, Fanny de Chaillé and the NTP collective will be at his side to work on the decompartmentalization of aesthetics and audiences, to give the theatre its dimension of living public space. Motivated by a firm desire to bring out new forms, new writings and to maintain a privileged link with youth, they will defend a demanding culture, inclusive and aimed at the widest audiences, in the territory of Angers, the Pays-de-la-Loire and beyond.

Marcial Di Fonzo Bo will take up her duties shortly, succeeding Sylvain Maurice, who held a temporary position at the head of the Quai after the departure of Thomas Jolly to devote himself to the artistic direction of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Rima Abdul Malak salutes the latter’s action at the head of the Quai where he led an ambitious project, rich in popular, demanding and unifying theatrical proposals.