Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, in agreement with the Normandy Region, the Orne County Council, the Alençon urban community, the city of Alençon and the Board of Directors of the association Eureka has approved the appointment of Céline Ferry as director of La Luciole.

Céline Ferry has worked in many cultural institutions, before being in charge of the administration of La Luciole for over a year. Now, Céline Ferry will become director of the establishment with a voluntarist artistic project based on strong values that are the support to the creation of the emerging Norman, French and international scene, the reception of confirmed artistic projects, locomotives of the current music scene, the development of current music in all its fields of expression including transdisciplinary, cooperation on the territory and outreach to the public, notably through cultural actions and inclusive communication.

All these interventions will integrate sustainable and ethical operations and work for parity in the current music sector.

The objective is to promote the dignity of the actors and to collaborate in the best way to live together in respect of cultural rights with the creation and sharing of current music at heart.

She will take up her duties on 1er january 2020.