Rima Abdul Malak, Minister of Culture, in full agreement with Pierre Fond, Mayor of Sartrouville and Pierre Bédier, President of the Departmental Council of Yvelines, gave its approval to the proposal to appoint Abdelwaheb Sefsaf as director of the Sartrouville Theatre and the Yvelines National Drama Centre.

Artist with a unique background, Abdelwaheb Sefsaf was trained at the École nationale supérieure d'art dramatique de Saint-Etienne before founding the music group Dezoriental whose concerts have gathered many audiences in the most prestigious festivals and the biggest stages of France. Since 2011 and the creation of the company Nomade In France, he defends a musical theatre that crosses the ages, cultures, traditions and genres, a theatre of openness and decompartmentalization.

Abdelwaheb Sefsaf intends to make the Théâtre de Sartrouville et des Yvelines a multidisciplinary factory, accessible to all, spread throughout the territory and open to the world. Odile Grosset-Grange, Margaux Eskenazi, Mathurin Bolze and Maurin Ollès will accompany him to make the drama centre a shared and lively home of intergenerational creations. Abdelwaheb Sefsaf wants their actions to shine beyond the walls of the theatre, especially in the context of the Odyssées en Yvelines festival, so that this biennial remains a unique moment of creative effervescence at the service of children and families.    

Abdelwaheb Sefsaf will take up his duties on 1er January 2023, succeeding Sylvain Maurice, who will continue his artistic journey of excellence. Rima Abdul Malak salutes the action of the latter at the head of the Theatre of Sartrouville and Yvelines, of which he made a remarkable establishment for its programming open to plural aesthetics, its support for youth creation and its policy of broadening and diversifying audiences.