The AWARE prize is the only prize dedicated to women artists in France. He is accompanied by the Ministry of Culture and has been rewarding a confirmed artist and an emerging artist since 2017, with the aim of highlighting their creations.  

This Wednesday, January 24, on the occasion of the award ceremony of the AWARE Prize for Women Artists 2018, Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, welcomed the action and involvement of the eight artists named, in a context where the work of women artists must be supported and valued within all our institutions.

Alfred Pacquement, President of the Jury and Honorary General Curator of Heritage, announced the winners of this 2018 edition:

  • The 2018 AWARE Award for Women Artists was awarded to Violaine Lochu;
  • The second prize, Honor Award for Women Artists 2018, went to Vera Molnár and Nil Yalter for a unanimous jury.

These prizes are awarded after deliberation by the jury composed on this occasion of Alexia Fabre, Stijn Huijts, Dominique Guyot, Camille Morineau, Frances Morris and Floriane de Saint Pierre.

An exhibition of works will be held at the National Archives as part of the operation To the Archives, citizens!, at the Hotel de Soubise then on the Pierrefitte-sur-Seine site.

Françoise Nyssen extends her warm congratulations to the winners.