Annick Girardin, Minister for the Overseas Territories, and Franck Riester, Minister for Culture, signed the Overseas Visibility Pact with Delphine Ernotte Cunci, President and CEO of France Télévisions.

This pact fulfils the request expressed by the President of the Republic in June 2018, during the presentation of the Blue Book overseas, to put the French Overseas Territories back at the heart of public broadcasting. In July of the same year, the Prime Minister laid down the main lines of this transformation. The construction of the monitoring indicators for this pact has led to a working group involving parliamentarians, present at the signing.

The pact lists the concrete actions that France Télévisions is committed to carry out in order to place the overseas departments at the heart of French public broadcasting. It also specifies the quarterly assessments to be carried out by the national company.

Consisting of 25 commitments and 11 quantified indicators, this pact contains all the recommendations of the inter-parliamentary mission initiated by the Government in October 2018, which issued its report in March 2019.

In the presence of the President of the CFS, many journalists and parliamentarians, the two ministers thanked all those involved in drafting this visibility pact. They also noted that they will be particularly vigilant in ensuring that commitments are met. The inclusion of indicators and commitments resulting from this pact in the company’s specifications will notably allow their control by the CSA. 

A monitoring committee will be set up shortly and will analyse the implementation of commitments on a quarterly basis.