Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, has approved the proposal to appoint Alexandra Tobelaim as director of NEST, the National Drama Centre in Thionville.

A graduate of the Cannes Regional School of Actors, trained in directing with Jean-Pierre Vincent and Hubert Colas, Alexandra Tobelaim has directed the Tandaim company since 1998. Whether he focuses on the repertoire or listens to contemporary texts, whether he gives himself in theatres or in public spaces, his work pursues a single goal: the creation of a demanding contemporary theatre, offering artistic forms accessible to all and creating the conditions for the encounter between a work, a territory and its inhabitants.

With the construction of a new equipment for the NEST, Alexandra Tobelaim has imagined a sensitive and poetic artistic project, a theatre of tomorrow, that of a living ecosystem in connection with the inhabitants and the city and proposing to discover the richness and inventiveness of contemporary creation, especially contemporary authors.

Reaching out to audiences with shows created specifically for the “outside the walls” to arouse the desire for theatre is a strong idea of his project: This is how she will entrust to Jeanne Candel and Opéra Pagaï the task of creating shows in unexpected places around Thionville and that she will be accompanied by artists whose artistic approach cultivates a privileged link with the public (Arnaud Anckaert, Julia Vidit). The permanent presence of actors at NEST will help build a strong and lasting relationship between artists and the territory. Artists and audiences are at the center of the cross-border dimension of his NEST project: thus, a creative laboratory composed of artists from different countries and in situ creations built with neighbouring countries and their inhabitants will be born, to build bridges between France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Alexandra Tobelaim will take over from Jean Boillot on January 1, 2020.

After ten years as director of the NEST, for which he led, with sensitivity and determination, a project of joyful and unifying theatre, Jean Boillot will continue his rich and singular artistic journey. Franck Riester welcomes «his total involvement in his territory, at the service of the greatest number, and especially of adolescents».