The Ministry of Culture is organizing a day of debate on Thursday, May 9, 2019 at the National Institute of Art History to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the National Council for Archaeological Research (CNRA).

In 1994, two years after a major meeting in Malta, the National Council for Archaeological Research (CNRA) was created. A quarter of a century later, legislation, practices, methods and issues related to archaeology bear the mark of the upheavals that occurred during this period of construction and maturation of a renewed discipline.

Placed at the Ministry of Culture, this national interdepartmental body, representative of the various actors of archaeology, is composed from this date of elected members of the Interregional Commissions of Archaeology (CIRA), which became in 2016 Territorial Commissions for Archaeological Research (CTRA), and which provide a link with the regions and operators in the field.

As the Ministry of Culture celebrates its sixtieth anniversary, this anniversary is an opportunity to discuss the history of French archaeological research, that of its bodies, the evolution of its scientific practices and issues in a world that saw the birth in France of preventive archaeology as a unique model.

This day is addressed to all those involved in archaeology, whether they are affiliated with universities, the CNRS, the Ministry of Culture, archaeological services and various operators. It wants to be open to the broadest discussions based on thematic presentations. The red thread will be that of the major contributions of the last twenty-five years, not only in a balance sheet perspective, but also in a dynamic forward-looking perspective.

Programme and practical information: