Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, is pleased to present the exhibition All over the city! which will be held until 10 June 2018 on the windows of the Ministry of Culture and on the columns of the Palais-Royal.

To celebrate the great artistic project, The Walls of the L2 In Marseilles, the Ministry of Culture organizes an exhibition on all the windows of the Bons-Enfants site (large photographic prints on micro-perforated and vinyl), in the exhibition space of the public hall of the Ministry, and on the columns of the Péristyle and the Proues gallery of the Palais-Royal.

This exhibition shows the importance of culture and art as factors of social connection. These works also demonstrate the relevance of local cultural policies. It is a way to put art at the heart of the fight against social and territorial relegation and to offer to the eyes of all the audiences the various urban projects that have called artistic creation in their operations of requalification: in Marseilles around the L2 motorway ring road that connects the A50 and A7 motorways, bypassing the city from the east and then the north, but also in Mayotte, Grigny and Saint-Pierre-des-Corps. This event will be an opportunity to highlight the aesthetics that develop in the public space such as urban art, hip-hop, fashion (streetwear).

Right across the city! highlights the participatory work developed with artists, schools and residents, which allows a reappropriation of territories by their users as well as an awakening to contemporary creation to the greatest number. The exhibition will present a selection of artists, men and women, emerging or confirmed, of national or international renown such as Difuz and Gamo, YZ, L'Atlas, Lek and Sowat or Myriam Maxo.

This event of the Ministry of Culture, curated by Jean Faucheur, historical artist of French urban art, is carried by Planète Émergences, a Marseille association chaired by Gérard Paquet.

Cultural programming and practical information

Ambitious cultural programming will be implemented during the exhibition:

  • Meeting with artists and intellectuals about cultural relegation (date to be confirmed)
  • Festive evening at the Palais-Royal with hip-hop artists (music and dance), Thursday 24 May from 6 pm (Galerie des Proues du Palais Royal)
  • Evening screening of films on urban art at the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin in Paris, 20th, Thursday 31 May
  • Inauguration of a fresco by Hervé Di Rosa in Grigny on the walls of the «Cuisine mode d'emploi(s)» centre by Thierry Marx in June (date to be confirmed)