This year, the French Overseas Ministry and the Ministry of Culture are supporting 95 artistic projects under the French Overseas Arts and Cultural Exchange Fund (FEAC) with the aim of bringing ultramarine cultures to life throughout France. 

This year, the FEAC wanted to support particularly projects in the field of live entertainment. As companies, festivals and artists are particularly vulnerable to the health crisis, the support of the two ministries, through this fund, aims to enable them to facilitate the resumption of their activity. That’s how it is more than 525,000 euros that will be paid to the associations supporting these projects, based in France and France. 

A second campaign of grants will be announced this summer for an equivalent amount, bringing to more than 1 million euros the credits of the FEAC for 2021.

Several performing arts associations are supported by FEAC, including: 

  • The Difé Kako Dance Company, for a project to promote Creole cultures in the territories with several highlights proposed in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana. She will receive support from 15,000 euros
  • Milatsika Emergences Festivaland present-day Mahoran music on the same screen. He will receive 15,000 euros
  • TheMartinique association “Unité Real Squad”for the organization of the Hip-Hop K'rib Arguments Championship. She will receive 13,000 euros.
  • TheReunion Association “Lamayaz”, for the organization of a concert tour in France and Reunion Island. She will receive 3,000 euros
  • The La Mangrove dance company, a company based in Seine-Saint-Denis and Guadeloupe, for an international tour that will broadcast its shows highlighting Creole culture. She will receive support from 15,000 euros
  • The association “Grand Théâtre Itinérant de Guyanefor a tour of shows in Martinique and Guadeloupe. It will receive 15,000 euros
  • TheAssociation of Tahiti and Island Publishers (AETI), for the organization of the exhibition “Read in Polynesia, which highlights forty new publications of the archipelago. She will receive support from 10,000 euros

The FEAC is funded and managed on an equal basis between the French Overseas Ministry and the Ministry of Culture. Each year, a commission composed for half of representatives of the Ministry of Overseas and representatives of the DRAC of the territories concerned, selects projects that have the objective of allowing the dissemination of artistic productions of the territories of Overseassea, whether in France or in the countries of their geographical areas.