On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the title of Master of Art, Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, today inaugurated the exhibition presented by the Ministry of Culture and the National Institute of Crafts (INMA) in the galleries of the Palais-Royal.

The work of 15 Masters of Art and Students is thus brought to light through exceptional creations and photographs by reporter Edouard Elias. During several months, the public will be able to discover through this exhibition the heliogravure, the plumasserie, the embroidery with gold thread, the trimmings, the art of the costume of stage and that of the ironwork of art.

The Minister of Culture then presented the title of Master of Art to the nine winners of the 2019 class of:

  • Sylvie Fouanon, piano restorer, & her student, Marion Lainé;
  • Nicolas Marischael, goldsmith, & his pupil, Mélissa Marischael;
  • Ludovic Marsille, locksmith-cleftier, & his pupil, Alice de Kerchove de Denterghem;
  • Serge Pascal, relever and pusher in ironwork, & his Pupil, Cédric Suire;
  • Xavier Retegui, makhilas manufacturer, & his Pupil, Liza Bergara;
  • Craig Ryder, Baroque Archeter, & his Pupil, Claire Berget;
  • Yves Sampo, engraver-medallist, & his student, Claire Narboni;
  • François Simon-Fustier, watchmaker, & his Pupil, Robin Putinier;
  • Luc Verdier, lapidary stones of color and set mysterious, & his student, Hugues Bret.

Since 1994, 141 Masters of Art have been appointed in over 100 different specialties. The title of Master of Art is awarded for life by the Ministry of Culture. Every two years, only a few professionals are selected for the uniqueness of their know-how and their desire to transmit. Each Master of Art undertakes, once appointed, to transmit his know-how, within his workshop, to the Student with whom he was selected.

The title provides access to the Maître d'art-Elèves programme, a programme of the Ministry of Culture that is unique in Europe and which supports the transmission of rare know-how in the field of crafts and helps students to implement their professional project. The INMA manages it with the support of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, the main sponsor since 2016.

Having become a transmission device, the title of Master of Art contributes to the preservation and enhancement of living heritage and the development of territories. It ensures the sustainability of nearly one hundred occupations that are evocative of our country’s heritage and creation and aims to transmit trades and passions to the young generation,” said Franck Riester, Minister of Culture.

A second exhibition organized by the Association des Ateliers des Maîtres d'art et de leurs Élèves at the Hôtel de l'Industrie will celebrate this year the 25th anniversary of the title of Maître d'art through the presentation of works, the demonstration of know-how, meetings, Conferences and concerts, from 13 to 15 December 2019.