18e edition of the Rendez-vous aux jardins on 5, 6 and 7 June 2020, on the theme of The transmission of knowledge

Head to the gardens, an event initiated by the Ministry of Culture 18 years ago, supports and enhances the art of the garden in all its forms, from the smallest to the largest scale, of all styles and all eras. Thousands of actors, gardeners, botanists, landscapers, owners... are mobilizing for this annual meeting of reference, became European since 2018, and which already federates twenty countries.


The transmission of knowledge, the theme of this new edition, covers very diverse forms that are naturally found in all gardens. Since the Renaissance, the art treatises of the gardens, the plans, the models of flowerbeds, the engravings, the public and private archives circulate throughout Europe and thus ensure the transmission of written knowledge.


With 2,400 participating gardens in France and 600 in Europe, this year I wanted the Rendez-vous aux jardins to be an opportunity to pay tribute to the talents of landscape professionals, botanists, gardeners, art gardeners...across Europe.”

Franck Riester, Minister of Culture

The knowledge of gardeners, horticulturists, landscapers, transmitted historically and naturally in situ, is taught today in places that are dedicated to it and more and more by web supports: websites, blogs, social networks, etc. A study day for all the organizers of this event, national and regional, was organized on this theme on Wednesday, February 5 at the National Heritage Institute.


With the participation of 3,000 gardens, 6,000 events organized specifically for this occasion, the 2019 edition was a new success with 2 million visitors over the weekend. The “Rendez-vous to the Gardens Pass”, which offers local tours as part of an accessibility policy, initiated in 2019, will be developed in 2020.


«Go to the gardens»

Designed to awaken the senses and make everyone discover the diversity and richness of the world of gardens, the Rendez-vous aux jardins event has been showcasing since its inception in 2003, and more than ever at the time of intense urbanization, the art of the garden and the essential role it plays for our well-being, both in the city and in rural areas.


The gardens, public and private, of all styles, from the largest parks to the most modest gardens, whether historical, contemporary, futuristic, conservatories of exotic plants, poetic, extravagant, or therapeutic..., are all the fruit of human passion, attentive care and a heritage of know-how to preserve and transmit.


This unique and pioneering event of meetings around the world of the garden gathers every year thousands of owners, professionals of the vegetal, architects and landscapers, historians, schools, amateurs, beginners or enlightened and budding gardeners who mobilize for three days for the biggest garden festival in France and Europe.


Finally, Rendez-vous aux jardins is an opportunity to highlight the actions initiated by the Ministry of Culture and implemented by the DRACs - regional cultural affairs departments - to make known, protect, conserve, maintain, restore, create gardens, train art gardeners and ensure the transmission of know-how.


This event is organized by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the National Monuments Centre, the Committee of Parks and Gardens, the Cities and Countries of Art and History, the Old French Houses, the Historic House, as well as numerous local authorities and implemented by the regional cultural affairs directorates.