Inaugurated in September 1985 under the aegis of President François Mitterrand, the Musée National Picasso-Paris has been home to the world’s largest collection of Picasso works since that date. This monograph collection, completed in 1992 with the donation of an archive of more than 200,000 pieces, is exceptional because it presents an incomparable profusion of techniques and covers almost all of the artist’s career, but also and especially because it comes to more than 80% directly from the master’s workshops.

Essentially entered the collections by the dates Pablo Picasso of 1979, then Jacqueline Picasso of 1990, these works that the artist had chosen to preserve throughout his life, constitute the «Picasso of Picasso». They allow us to penetrate the heart of the artist’s creative process and are both an exceptional testimony and a source of renewed questioning of the Picasso genius. From the very first years of training during which the young prodigy brilliantly executed plaster casts of ancient marble, the last seasons of his life marked by an intense practice of painting and engraving – between reinvention of techniques and transgression of the subject –, the collection of the Parisian museum constitutes a unique corpus that allows us to approach man and his work in all their complexity.

With nine major pieces, the Maya Ruiz-Picasso dation is part of this founding history of the museum initiated in the mid-1970s and prolongs the spirit. Multidisciplinary and covering a wide temporal spectrum, from 1895 to 1971, it constitutes a valuable and incomparable complement that further strengthens the identity of the collection and confirms its position as an international reference.

With 6 paintings, 1 sculpture, 1 drawing book and an ethnographic work that played a leading role in the history of art, this date represents an exceptional enrichment for the French heritage and a unique opportunity for the museum to complete its collection in perfect coherence with the founding corpus that presided over its creation.